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Welcome to ORIGIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, your trusted partner in solar energy solutions. We specialize in designing and installing solar panels for residential and commercial properties, helping you harness the power of the sun to reduce your energy bills and environmental impact.

Empowering Your Home with Clean Energy Solutions

At Origin Technology Ltd, we’re dedicated to transforming your home with solar energy. Imagine a home where your electricity comes from the sun, your bills shrink, and you make a positive impact on the environment every day.

With our custom solar solutions, we make this vision a reality. Say goodbye to rising costs and hello to self-sufficiency. Take control of your energy and join the clean energy revolution.

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Custom Solar Panel Installation

– Tailored solar panel systems designed to fit the specific needs and energy requirements of each home or business.
– Expert assessment of the property to determine the optimal placement and number of solar panels for maximum efficiency.


Energy Efficiency Consultation:

– Comprehensive analysis of energy usage to identify areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made.
– Recommendations on how to reduce energy waste and optimize energy consumption alongside solar panel installation.


Battery Storage Solutions:

– Installation of battery storage systems to store excess solar energy generated during the day for use during times of low sunlight or at night.
– Provides backup power during grid outages, ensuring continuous electricity supply.


Maintenance and Repair Services:

– Ongoing maintenance to ensure the solar panel system is operating at peak efficiency.
– Prompt repair services in case of any issues or malfunctions with the solar panels or related equipment.

Some of our products

Solar Lantern

Illuminate your nights with our solar lantern. Perfect for camping, outdoor events, or emergencies. Charge during the day, light up your night.

Solar Water Pump:

Irrigate your garden or farm with our solar-powered water pump. Efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Harness the sun's energy to water your plants.

Solar Garden Lights:

- Enhance your garden with our solar garden lights. Beautiful and energy-efficient, these lights charge during the day and automatically illuminate your garden at night.

Solar-Powered Fan:

Stay cool sustainably with our solar-powered fan. Perfect for any room, camping, or outdoor activities. No electricity needed, just the power of the sun.

Solar Security Camera:

Keep your home safe with our solar-powered security camera. No need for wiring or electricity. Monitor your property with peace of mind using renewable energy.

Solar Refrigerator

Sustainably keep food fresh with our solar fridge. Perfect for off-grid living or areas with unreliable power. Powered by solar energy, it saves costs and reduces carbon footprint.

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